1. a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise.
  2. confidence or certainty in one's own abilities.

Over the last two decades, we have helped incubate, build and scale enterprise applications for managed service delivery in Payroll, Retirement Benefits and Human Capital Management systems. We are solution builders, working on larger canvases, helping organizations succeed with their human capital requirements. We build trust, confidence and certainty to our tools- giving our customers peace of mind.

We are Assurance...We are PayAzzure!


Who we are

We are an eclectic team of veteran HR professionals with vast experience in Multi Country Payroll and Human Capital Management solutions. We are experts both in Technology and Domain. Our Strategic HR and Payroll solutions are intuitive, user-friendly, scalable.

We have experience in building payroll engines for more than 11 countries during our tenure with HR outsourcing firms which delivered over a million payslips every single processing cycle.

With a strong focus on in-country knowledge, regulations and compensation and enhancing the overall employee and customer experience, here we come as PayAzzure!

What we do

PayAzzure is building a robust platform which caters to all the needs of a company that includes Multi Country Payroll Solution, Human Capital Management with features like Leave Management, Time & Attendance, Garnishment / Reimbursement, Employee and Managerial Self-Service etc.

With the latest technology offering these come with the standard Web Application as well as Mobile capability. Transition to our platform is easier with the help of AI and ML capabilities along with RPA.

Our Chat and Voice bots help the end users to get on-time support and issue resolution.

How We Do

PayAzzure is built on the disruptive Low Code Development Platform (LCDP) that can be used for any custom software, ERP, Work flow systems, Portals, Distribution software and the likes. LCPD helps to develop software applications by only defining the data structures and specifying business rules. There is no need to write code in the business layer or presentation layer.

This reduces complex development cycle and simplifies the complete SDLC cycle. A complex application can be developed using LCDP at 50% of time, effort and skill compared to traditional software development.

Main Features

    • Create forms on the fly without coding.
    • Automatic creation of database tables along with implicit or explicit relationships.
    • Provision to track changes made to data and maintain effective audit trial.
    • Manage data flow by just mapping forms without need to write code.
    • Forms are published with options to list data entered in forms in a tabular format that can be filtered on various criteria. The list can be printed, exported to XLS. The list will be able to manage large volumes of data.
    • Provision to search for transactional data on any field in the form or transaction.
    • Inbuilt report writers, PDF designer and integration with MS Word for creating free form reports (Iview) is part of the platform.
    • Define roles and users along with access control. The access control module should allow definition of access control on forms, data elements and buttons in the form.
    • Provision to define a work flow on any form (Tstruct) with options for the user to approve, reject, forward or hold a transaction.
    • Provision to import data into any form (Tsruct). The rules of population and validation mentioned in the form should be applied while import of data.
    • Store photographs, images, documents of any type along with any transactional data. Option to store these within the database or on a file system.
    • The apps developed can be used as a desktop application or as a web application.
    • The apps developed in a development instance can be published to cloud platform with ease.
    • Export data from any form/reports from the app to an XL or a CSV file or a user defined file format.
    • Exchange data with other apps in an asynchronous mode or through web services.
    • A complete control on the CSS and presentation layer of the app.
    • The data structures are open and can be used by any other app with sufficient rights.
    • The app developed can be made available in multiple languages.
    • The platform can be integrated with the email servers, SMS gateway, payment gateway and a standard content management system.



PayAzzure offers multi-country, multi-currency and multi-lingual Payroll & HCM solutions for individuals of a particular country or expatriates. PayAzzure provides customers cloud-based solutions with built-in, up-to-date, country-specific legislation and compliance.

ESS – Web App and Mobility access

    • Password protected Payslips in PDF format
    • Password protected Tax reports in PDF format
    • Bonus / Increment Letters / Reports
    • Other payroll related reports
    • Option to claim reimbursements
    • Attendance marking – Check In / Out (with Geo Location)
    • Attendance Regularization
    • Leave Management
    • Shift and OT Management

MSS – Web App and Mobility Access

    • All the ESS features with the admin access
    • Approve / Cancel Leaves
    • Approve Attendance Regularization
    • Upload / Approve Payroll Inputs
    • Shift & OT Management

PayAzzure Payroll Engine Features

Open ended configurable application
Configurable country statutory rules
Configurable pay structure for client specific calculation logic
Capable of configuring any input and output file format
Capable of accepting full data feed or delta data feed
Country or client specific validation plugin
Configurable Statutory parameters
Access to your payroll 24/7
Self services access through web/mobile with responsive design
Powerful and easy to use, on-time and accurate payroll processing

Management team

Manoj Kulgod (Founder & Director), Computer Science and Engineering graduate with 31+ years of experience in IT function in large MNC organizations:

  • P & L owner and responsible to handle internal and vendor related IT spend of approximately $10-12M. Worked as Head of Technology, CIO, CTO and Chief Digital Officer
  • Set up CoE – Oracle Practise & RPA plus providing effective leadership, products strategy & planning, And Data Analytics Platform using BI tools
  • Worked for 20+ years in HR field, built niche HR products including 10+ multi country payroll platform with multilingual capability and Payroll Aggregator for analytics reporting. Also built HR Analytics platform using Power BI.
  • Hands on experience in setting up near tier IV datacentre with secured network and SAN storage with server cluster environment
  • Hands on experience in setting DR/BCP centres with ISO 27K1 / 9000 / 20000 certifications and implemented ITGC controls
  • Built Digital platforms and capability, managed IT Infrastructure and operations, effectively implemented IT security & compliance
  • Corporate WAN with effective Cyber Security and WAF environment



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